Technical Expertise

User Interfaces
Applications that are intuitive, easy to use and look at are critical issues. We design and develop user interfaces with the end-user in mind, and perform extensive testing with users prior to implementation. Using the feedback from testing, we make refinements to the interface as required to ensure that information is conveyed to the end-user in the most efficient manner possible. NES has years of experience in the design and development of user interfaces that meet a client's requirements.

System Architecture
The architecture of a system, both hardware and software, can have a major impact on any business. We understand the need to ensure that an implementation is robust, flexible and scalable. NES has a solid understanding of system architecture and component development. Reducing any system to its components, be they hardware or software, can provide for a solid foundation on which to build a system that can meet a client's needs.

Network Protocols
Building effective networks requires a deep understanding of network protocols and systems. Some of the key issues are fault tolerance, security and down-time. NES has extensive experience working with a variety of network solutions. This includes, but is not limited to, web and email servers, firewalls and back-up solutions.

Operating Systems
NES has worked with numerous operating systems, both new and old. We understand that interoperability can sometimes present a challenge. We have worked in environments that vary in size and know how to make the variety of currently available operating systems work together smoothly. These include Windows, MacOS, Unix/Linux and PICK/OS.